ScolioSense is an ecosystem that is designed to ensure the quality of scoliosis treatment by combining portability, accuracy and assurance of the correct fitting of the brace

Powerful in all its perfection

ScolioSense is a wearable device that monitors and evaluates treatment with real-time scoliosis braces. It can be adapted to different types of braces, including Boston and Cheneau, and sends collected data to a smartphone or tablet to assess the child's progress and improvement.


Mobile Application

ScolioSense is an advanced application that combines the crucial task of monitoring a child's adherence with their treatment plan with engaging and captivating animated designs. It ensures the correct progression of your child's treatment plan, making the process feel like a game. By doing so, it enhances the child's participation and improves the effectiveness of their treatment.

ScolioSense mobile application on group of iPhones

Friendly gamified environment

The ScolioSense app combines vibrant colors, captivating animations, and user-friendly navigation, creating an immersive digital experience.

Portable and discreet

With a sleek, watch-like form factor and minimal weight, the solution seamlessly integrates with the brace, becoming indistinguishable. It remains invisible during sleep and discreet even when worn with lightweight summer clothing.

Weekly SMS updates

Feel carefree and calm every week of the treatment. Leave the stress of supervision to us, and enjoy the time with your child.

Gamification of brace adjustment

Feel assured that your child is wearing the brace correctly every time. Utilizing the app's dedicated interface, your child can effortlessly adjust the brace, following precise instructions provided by their clinician.

Real-time Monitoring of Patient's Data

The ScolioSense platform is exclusively tailored for healthcare professionals, empowering them in monitoring the progress of children and their scoliosis journey. It enables professionals to visualize data, track children's progress, and take proactive measures to ensure adherence to the treatment.

Specialist platform on iPad

Visualization of data

The online platform delivers individualized and dynamic graphical representations of children's data, enabling continuous monitoring of treatment progress and adjustments to the brace, as needed.

24/7 monitoring of medical data

The online platform provides access to a comprehensive range of adherence data specifically designed for early interventions.

A platform for Mobiles, Laptops and Tablets

It seamlessly adapts to any device whether it's a tablet, a laptop or a mobile phone for great flexibility, improved accessibility and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

To purchase a ScolioSense, simply navigate to the navigation bar on any page and click the designated button. Alternatively, you can click here to proceed with your purchase.

You can also visit some experienced manufacturers and clincians who will explain to you the ScolioSense ecosystem

ScolioSense is dedicated to capturing and maintaining precise user measurements. Our mission is to provide individuals with valuable insights into their health and performance through accurate data collection. Utilizing advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms, our product seamlessly monitors and analyzes measurements such as pressure levels. These comprehensive insights enable physicians to make informed decisions to optimize patient well-being and achieve their goals. We prioritize the accuracy and integrity of data, ensuring that our product delivers reliable and trustworthy information to empower users in their health journeys. Trust us to be your partner in acquiring the most accurate and meaningful measurements for a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

In our company, we hold utmost respect for privacy, ensuring the highest level of confidentiality for all patient information. We understand the sensitive nature of medical data and are committed to protecting it with the utmost care. Rest assured that access to patient medical records is strictly limited to our company and authorized healthcare professionals responsible for providing personalized care. We strictly adhere to privacy protocols, including secure storage, encrypted communication, and stringent access controls, to ensure the confidentiality and security of all patient data. Your trust and privacy are of paramount importance to us, and we maintain the highest standards in safeguarding your personal health information.

The ScolioSense system supports sending a weekly SMS report to the child's guardian. The report includes the child's average usage and whether the usage followed the doctor's instructions. The report is sent every Sunday at 6 PM. If the guardian wishes to opt out of receiving the weekly report, they should respond to the SMS with one of the following words: STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, or QUIT. To re-activate the feature, they should send one of the following words: START, YES, UNSTOP.

ScolioSense is made from photopolymerizable resin and exclusively manufactured in Greece, combining craftsmanship and sustainability. Meticulously engineered by experienced professionals, it reflects Aidplex's commitment to innovation and responsible production, offering an elegant and conscious choice for modern consumers.


Size: 55mm

Battery Duration: 21 days

Charging time: 120 minutes

Material: Photopolymerizable resin

Waterproof: No


Devices: Phones and tablets

Operating System: Android 7.0 or iOS 9.0 and newer


Load Type: USB-C

Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy


ScolioSense is covered by a two-year warranty. Access the ScolioSense support page for more information.


Available Colors: Black

System language: Greek and English

Package Contents


1x ScolioSense portable device


3x Pressure sensors


2x Special mounting tapes


1x User manual

ScolioSense Package


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