Empower your scoliosis journey with ScolioSense, the comprehensive scoliosis solution.

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What we offer

Transform your Brace into a Smart one.

ScolioSense can be fitted to any scoliosis back brace, giving new possibilities to patients and doctors.

Take your treatment into your own hands .

The ScolioSense application provides helpful information to patients. By taking control of their own health and happiness, patients can achieve the best possible outcomes.

Have your doctor always by your side.

The ScolioSense application enables your doctor to offer improved care without concerns about proper fitting.

Here's how ScolioSense works


Wearable device

ScolioSense is a wearable device that tracks and assesses the performance of back brace treatment in real-time. It can be adapted to different types of back braces, including the Boston and Cheneau, and sends the collected data to a smartphone or tablet for evaluation and monitoring of the wearer's progress and improvement.


Mobile application

ScolioSense is a cutting-edge application that combines the crucial task of keeping track of your child's compliance with their treatment plan with fun and engaging game-like features. This ensures that your child will be monitored consistently while enjoying their experience. This integration will increase your child's participation and ultimately enhance the success of their therapy.


Web platform

The ScolioSense platform is exclusively tailored for healthcare professionals to assist them in overseeing their patients' advancement and therapeutic regimens. The software enables practitioners to view data, monitor their patients’ progress , and take proactive measures to guarantee that the patients are adhering to the recommended treatment plan.