ScolioSense • New era in the treatment of scoliosis with a brace

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A new era in the treatment of scoliosis with a brace

Upgrade your braces with ScolioSense, the most comprehensive solution in scoliosis management.

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What is ScolioSense

Patient-centric and child-focused environment

Friendly gamified environment

The ScolioSense app combines vibrant colors, captivating animations, and user-friendly navigation, creating an immersive digital experience.

Portable and discreet

With a sleek, watch-like form factor and minimal weight, the solution seamlessly integrates with the brace, becoming indistinguishable. It remains invisible during sleep and discreet even when worn with lightweight summer clothing.

Weekly SMS updates

Feel carefree and calm every week of the treatment. Leave the stress of supervision to us, and enjoy the time with your child.

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ScolioSense mobile application green screen

Transforming every brace into a smart one

ScolioSense packaging

Hardware device

The device integrates with every type of scoliosis brace, capturing precise pressure and usage duration data. This approach guarantees adherence to the prescribed treatment plan.

Phones with diffrent ScolioSense screens

Mobile Application

The platform offers real-time data visualization and ensures the proper use of the brace, based on the clinicians's instructions.

Specialist Platform on tablet

Clinician's Platform

The platform visually represents children's data and notifies about any deviations from the prescribed treatment, enabling timely intervention by clinicians.

Parents SMS

Parent/Guardian notification

The platform provides a weekly SMS notification, facilitating adherence to the treatment plan.

Focusing on experts

Visualization of data

The online platform delivers individualized and dynamic graphical representations of children's data, enabling continuous monitoring of treatment progress and adjustments to the brace, as needed.

24/7 monitoring of medical data

The online platform provides access to a comprehensive range of adherence data specifically designed for early interventions.

A platform for Mobiles, Laptops and Tablets

It seamlessly adapts to any device whether it's a tablet, a laptop or a mobile phone for great flexibility, improved accessibility and convenience.

ScolioSense Doctor web platform


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